How to Choose a Suitable Hunting Knife

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Hunting Knife ChoosingSelecting a good hunting knife is not a simple task whether you are a beginner or pro because there is a pool of models available. It is possible to get confused because they all seem alike. You might be tempted to pick any, without considering its qualities. Keep reading and you will understand how to differentiate a proper hunting knife from a “lemon.”

Fixed blade or folding?

First things first, you should know the kind of knife that you need. Remember that a good hunting knife may cost anywhere between $50 and $200 or more. There are two types of hunting knives: fixed blade and folding. Fixed blades are set permanently in an open position. A folding blade has a pivot that enables the blade to fold into a closed handle.

How to choose a good hunting blade?

Type of steel used

Usually, two types of steel are used in the manufacturing of hunting knives. They are stainless steel and carbon steel. A combination of these two is known as the carbon stainless steel. A carbon steel knife is durable, cheaper, easy to sharpen, stronger, but prone to rusting. A stainless steel blade does not need much attention and is an ideal choice if you want a high-quality knife.

Comfort of the handle

The handle should feel comfortable in your hand; so as to offer good grip under wet conditions. Thus, avoid leather, wooden and bone handles despite how cool they look, because they are slippery when wet. The best choice for hunting knives handles are nylon, polymer, and rubbery plastic.

Full tang design

It means that the blade and handle are made of a continuous piece of steel. The feature makes a strong and an unbreakable knife. Avoid partial tang designs since they are prone to failure thus are not worth buying.


The size of the hunting knife is another consideration. It should depend on your hand size; as long as you grip comfortably this is just fine. Also, what type of animal you are going to hunt should be taken into account. Usually, most of the hunters choose something within 4-inch.

Final words…

Remember that a good hunting knife, when maintained properly, can last for a long time. Always clean your blade after use and store it in a dry place. Make sure to take it out after few days to check if it has become rusty. Consider using a commercial cleaning solution that contains a protector or lubricant.

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