What a Backpack Should Be Like for Military and Law Enforcement

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Not all backpacks are made the same, particularly when it comes to those designed for specialized used. Today, military and law enforcement personnel use backpacks that are specifically designed to assist them in their daily tasks.

What are Military & Law Enforcement Backpacks?

Backpack Function for MilitaryThe backpacks designed for military and law enforcement use are notably different than the ones created for hiking, camping, and hunting.  There are many reasons why, but they all center on the fact that military and law enforcement personnel carry specialized equipment that must be readily accessed for use.

This means that finding the right backpack requires focusing on those specially designed for law enforcement and military personnel. Such backpacks are designed to carry a considerable amount of gear and items handy for the immediate needs of the user.

Functions & Features

The overall function of military and law enforcement backpacks start with their compact size which is designed to carry the minimal amount of gear and equipment necessary to address daily tasks. There are a few differences in functions between law enforcement and military in the sense that the police need less open space to carry files, documents, or handbooks. Military personnel on a mission that requires covering long distances may prefer a backpack with more large space features to carry extra clothing, socks, or blanket for trips.

Durable Construction: Backpacks of this nature are going to experience a high amount of abuse as they will be opened frequently, often tossed into the back of vehicles, and undergo numerous searches. The result is a lot of wear and tear, so this particular type of backpack is usually reinforced at the pockets and corners for extra durability.

Specialized Gear: This means individual pockets or holders for flashlights, ammo, and other essential gear, equipment, and supplies that can be readily accessed. The specialized holders are critical because it makes accessing the equipment very quick and handy.

Carry Handles: Many of the backpacks are designed to be carried on the back, over the shoulder, or with carry handles. This adds to the versatility of the pack itself.


When searching for a backpack designed for military and law enforcement uses, there are a few tips that will help you find the right one for your needs.

Requirements: Start your search for backpacks that fit the demands of your military or law enforcement standards. Do not go outside the rules unless you have special permission.

Know What You Want: This sounds rather straightforward, but you should limit your search to backpacks that best carry the gear, equipment, and supplies you have.

Less is More: Ideally, you want the backpack to carry exactly what you need and have some open space left over for items that you may not usually carry. Too many functional pockets or holders can interfere with the function of the backpack.

Naturally, you’ll want to find a backpack that fits your budget as well. Fortunately, there are many choices when it comes to military and law enforcement backpacks regarding their price range. Keep in mind that they are often a little more expensive ($100+ on Amazon) than standard backpacks because of their specialty.

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